Adidas Vigor 6 Women's Running Shoes Review

Adidas Vigor 6 Women’s Running Shoes Review

It is important always to have a good pair of running shoes. You never know when you'll need to do physical activity, around the house or otherwise, and it is important to have a pair of shoes which is both comfortable and flexible.

Sometimes, however, a standard pair of running shoes is not enough for your needs. If you are a fan of nature and prefer to run in the woods, for example, you will most likely wish to opt for a pair of trail running shoes.

Trail running shoes are designed to cope with the obstacles that you would commonly find in the woods. This is opposed to other running shoes, which are meant to be used on running tracks (ideally) and pavement.

Due to the obstacles, they are expected to come across, trail running shoes are necessarily much tougher than other kinds of running shoes.

Trail running shoes typically feature a reinforced sole and a much more resilient body. This allows you to use these shoes while hiking on less difficult trails. Trail running shoes give you much more freedom of movement than hiking boots, so they make it much easier to walk and run on trails, but keep in mind that they are not made for more intense hikes.

While they are much more durable than regular running shoes, trail running shoes tend to be slightly heavier since they are built to be more durable. We will now move on to some of the more crucial features you should look for when buying your new running shoes and we will then move on to our review.


The sole is one of the most important parts of the shoe since it is the part that is in contact with the ground. The soles of trail running shoes is especially special since soles tend to be the parts that are changed the most when compared to traditional running shoes.

adidas Performance Womens Vigor 6 TR Trail Running Shoe Review Sole

For example, the soles of trail running shoes will typically be taller than the soles on other shoes, allowing them to handle obstacles like twigs and smaller rocks more easily. The sole will also be thickened to provide greater protection to your foot from obstacles that may be found on trails.


Another thing to keep an eye out for when you're buying your new pair of running shoes is just how heavy they are. Heavier shoes will necessarily make working out harder, so it helps to opt for a pair of shoes that are as light as possible.

Unfortunately, when it comes to trail running shoes, weight is an area where sacrifices must be made. When compared to similar shoes, trail running shoes are heavier thanks to a thicker sole and further body reinforcement. This is a necessary evil, as the shoe needs more durability to handle trails and obstacles.

The Product


  • Shoes feature an air mesh upper body for breathability
  • Shoes feature a thick rubber sole for added resilience
  • ​Shoes feature a tough synthetic forefoot
  • Shoes feature a TRAXION outsole for added grip


The Vigor 6 TR women's shoes are made by Adidas. Adidas is a German sporting goods company which is known as one of the world's largest manufacturers of athletic products, including running shoes. As you can expect, these shoes are up to Adidas' high-quality standards.

These particular shoes are designed for trail running, which makes them more durable than most of Adidas' other standard running shoes. They are also a better choice for the uneven ground that you would find on trails thanks to the inclusion of a TRAXION outsole which makes it far easier to get an omnidirectional grip.


We were highly impressed by the Adidas Vigor 6 TRs for one simple reason. Unlike other trail running shoes, they do not compromise usefulness on the pavement or more stable surfaces. This makes these shoes equally useful whether you are a big trail runner, or if you prefer to exercise on a more forgiving terrain.

The TRAXION outsole makes these shoes one of the most stable options we have seen regarding women's running shoes. This outsole is designed so that you can maintain stability on a highly uneven terrain. This comes in handy even when you aren't hiking, as it makes it harder to trip and fall in any circumstance.

Of course, these shoes are also highly durable when compared to other running shoes. We foresee these shoes lasting a few years at the very least, depending on how much abuse they are subjected to, of course. These are certainly some of the best trail running shoes we have seen.

What Others Say

After looking through customer reviews, we have found some of the most frequent buyer feedback. Buyers are highly impressed by the comfort of these shoes, with some stating that these are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn. There is also praise for the breathability of the material used.

Regarding criticism, most customers complained about the sizing, stating that these shoes tend to run a half size too large. Take this into consideration when making your purchase, especially if you typically have trouble finding shoes that fit.

Buying Advice

These shoes can be found in the price range of 50 to 80 dollars, which is a reasonable price for running shoes of this quality. If you are patient, they can sometimes be found on sale for 10 to 20 percent off. They can be purchased from most online retailers, including Amazon.


We hope that this review has proved helpful in finding you the right running shoes for your needs. If you would like trail running shoes that can still be used as regular running shoes, the Adidas Vigor 6 TR is an excellent choice. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them down in the comments below.


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