Baby Trend Liberty Range Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend Liberty Range Jogging Stroller Review

Commuting with your newborn can be stressful as you would not only have to carry the baby but also make sure your baby is comfortable.

In addition, you might have to carry the essentials, including food, toys and even diapers for your baby.

This is only possible with a highly advanced stroller, which offers a number of practical features. Most parents take their babies while going to the mall, family festival, supermarkets and even parks.

And since they cannot hold the babies in their arms the whole time, they use strollers, which makes it easy for them to take their babies along.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

The short trips to the malls or parks are made further relaxing as the fresh air and constant movement causes the babies to fall asleep.

A good stroller can make your life as a parent stress-free as you would not have to leave your baby behind while you go out to the supermarket or for your daily jog.

A stroller is one of the most important things you should buy when you are about to have a baby. You can also give it to your loved ones as a baby shower gift.

Since there are hundreds of jogging strollers available on the market, choosing the perfect one could be difficult.

While some joggers might cost you somewhere around $80, some might be priced around $1,000. This massive difference in price is usually because of the features, quality and goodwill of the company.

If you are looking for a jogger stroller, there are a number of factors you must consider, including the weight, design, comfort, maneuverability, size and price.

If you think you will use the stroller often, your baby is going to be spending a lot of time in it and that is why you should make sure you buy the one which suits your baby the most.

If you are confused about which stroller to buy, do not worry as this article will tell you why the Range Jogging Stroller, Liberty, by Baby Trend is probably the best stroller you can buy.

About The Product

The Range Jogging Stroller allows you to switch from running to resting mode quickly and safely. The front wheel can be locked or unlocked in just a matter of seconds.

Apart from maneuverability, this stroller provides maximum comfort to your child as it comes with a multi-position reclining seat with ultra soft padding.

Front Wheel Lock

If you want to go for a jog and cannot leave your baby at home, do not worry as you can take your baby with you. To get maximum stability while jogging, you can lock the front wheels.

On the other hand, you can unlock the front wheel lock if you want to take your baby for a slower stroll.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

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Child Tray

This stroller comes with a tray for the baby where you can keep your baby’s favorite toys, treats and even food. This helps the baby stay busy and happy, obviously.

Parent Tray

This product also features a separate tray and basket for the parent. Therefore, every time you take your baby out for strolling, you can bring all the essentials with you including food, diapers, and water bottles.

The covered basket allows you to keep your phone and other valuables safe and right in front of you.

Extra Wide Rubber Handle

Controlling the stroller is also easy as the rubber handle is made noticeably wide and is shaped ergonomically. The rubber handle also makes it easy to hold the handle as it is heat-proof.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller folded

Adjustable Canopy

The canopy is highly adjustable which helps you protect your child from bright sunlight. It can also be used to block wind allowing the baby to sit more comfortably in the stroller.

Reclining Seat

Since babies do not have control over their head and neck until they are at least six months old, it is important that they sit in a proper position.

This is why Baby Trend has made the seat not only comfortable but also adjustable.

This allows you to sit your child in the best position. The soft, padded seat can be reclined in different positions.

Lightweight Body

This product has lightweight steel frame construction, which makes it easy to move. You would not have to exert too much pressure on it while jogging. You can also lift it by yourself.


You can use the trigger that is mounted on the side of this stroller to fold it. This reduces the stroller to a compact unit, which you can effortlessly fit in the trunk of your car.

What Others Say

This product has received an amazing rating on Amazon, which means a majority of customers are impressed by it. According to a customer, this stroller “rolls like a dream on harder surfaces”.

The same customer also said the storage compartment is helpful. Another customer, who bought it for her grandchild, said it is the best jogging stroller she has ever come across. She is surprised how her daughter can take her baby when going jogging.

Buying Advice

The product is available on Amazon for about $100. You can place your order online and receive the product in a couple of days.

You can also order it from a different source but make sure you check if the provider is reliable or not.

Before accepting the product, check if it is 100% original. Also, visit the manufacturer’s website for further information about the product and the company.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller


The Liberty Range Jogger by Baby Trend is an amazing jogging stroller, which packs a number of features that help make your life as a parent much easier.

The 28.8lb stroller is easy to move and can be kept in the trunk of your car once folded. Most importantly, this provides maximum comfort to your child, offering not only an adjustable seat but also a tray and a canopy.


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