Jogging Strollers & Your Running Form

Jogging Strollers & Your Running Form

A jogging stroller is a stroller with three wheels that is meant to be taken jogging. This stroller will hold your little one while you get your daily cardio in.

Jogging strollers are child-safe and utilize hand and foot brakes for maximized control. A child can begin to be put into a jogging stroller at six months when he or she can hold her own head up.

Jogging Stroller Parent

Jogging strollers are one of the best options for joggers who also happen to be new parents. Although we all know that parenting is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in the world, at times, it can also be stressful, time-consuming, and rather demanding.

This can disrupt a jogger's schedule. That is why jogging strollers are so important—they give you the opportunity to work out while keeping your kids by your side.


Although jogging strollers are awesome tools for parents, they do impact your running form. For some, this impact is unnoticeable on the surface, yet it still exists. To practice proper running form, you need to do it at least 4 times a day in order to see good results.

Physiologist and runner Rory O'Sullivan published a study that reveals the direct impact of pushing your child around with you on a run. O'Sullivan examined runners on in the indoor track, half of which ran with a stroller and the other half without.

Rory O'Sullivan

Upon conducting this study, O'Sullivan came to the conclusion that runners with a jogging stroller were impacted and that their physical jogging forms were changed. He saw that those with a stroller leaned about 6.7 degrees more forward. They also had a 1.4-degree decrease in trunk rotation and a 2.9-decrease in trunk side flexion.

O'Sullivan claims that these changes are relatively small. They aren't harmful nor will they alter your posture or give you any injuries.

On the flip side, many joggers argue that pushing a jogging stroller makes you stronger, especially when going uphill. Essentially, this is because you are learning to jog at your old speed with a heavier weight attached to you.


When trying to plan your jogs with a jogging stroller, some great tips can help you. These tips can maximize your comfort, give you a better jog, and reduce the impact that a jogging stroller has on your form.

Only Use When Needed

It's true that a jogging stroller is an efficient tool for parents, but it should only be used when needed. If you have opportunities to jog without the stroller, take them! A stroller-less jog will make your workout smoother, easier, and faster, plus, your form won't be activated. Bring your jogging stroller along only when you need to bring your kids!

Jogging Shoes

Also, if you should invest in a pair of jogging shoes. These shoes will help your form and make you more efficient at running.

Keep Headphones Out & Focus In

Most people like to jog or exercise while playing their favorite music in their ear buds. However, this is a potential safety hazard. Wearing headphones while jogging with your child may prevent you from hearing them. However, you don't have to give up music altogether.

Focus no head phones

You can buy an armband for your phone and play music directly through the phone speaker—or you can use a phone holder on the stroller. You can even bring a portable speaker with you if you'd like!

Stay Away From Sidewalks & Hills

Pushing any sort of stroller on a sidewalk can be bumpy and difficult, but its even harder to do this while your jogging, and you will certainly be slowed won. Instead of running on a sidewalk, try to find a road with as little traffic as possible to jog on.

This will give you a smoother path. In addition to sidewalks, try to avoid hills. Jogging uphill is already hard enough, so jogging uphill with a stroller might just send you rolling back down. You may want to try jogging on straightforward ground.

Pick A Good Distance

To improve running form, you need to pick the right distance. When you jog a far distance, you also have to travel the distance back, which will certainly tire you out. Try to plan a shorter distance that is safe and easy to jog, while still giving you plentiful workout time.

Optimal Running Distance

Keep The Baby Happy

The key to having a happy jog with a jogging stroller is to have a happy baby. Running with a crying baby is no walk in the park. Many babies tend to fall asleep on jogs, but not always. Try to bring some toys and distractions in the jogger for your kid to have some fun with. You may also want to bring a mini diaper bag.

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