Nike Flex Experience Running Shoe Review

Nike Flex Experience Running Shoe Review

Running is one of the best ways to work out. It's free, and you can do it almost anywhere. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. It is a good idea not to cut corners when you are buying your pair of running shoes, especially if you wear them often.

Running shoes do not have to be exclusively for running. They are in fact some of the most versatile shoes you will find. For example, if you have a job where you have to stand up for long periods of time, you have few better options than a good pair of running shoes.

Running shoes typically feature insoles which are designed to be as comfortable as possible, regardless of whether they are gel padded or air cushioned. This makes them a great choice for day to day activities, such as buying groceries or taking the dog out for a walk.

Of course, you always have running shoes' intended purpose as well. Whenever you need to do any sports or exercise, running shoes will typically be your best option unless the sport requires more specialized shoes like cleats. Running shoes are some of the most versatile days to day shoes you can find, making them some of the best shoes regarding value for money.

Now that we have provided some of the reasons that running shoes are a great choice of shoes for anyone, we will move onto some of the more important aspects to know about running shoes. Some of this knowledge will help you make a better, more informed purchase so you can get the shoes that work for your needs.


The body is the part of the shoe which wraps around your foot on top and the sides. It is usually the first part of the shoe which starts to fail after extended use, so it helps to have a shoe with a strong body.

Nike Flex Front Review

The body of a running shoe can be made from a wide variety of different materials, but most of them are made with some form of synthetic material. Synthetics are highly versatile, allowing running shoe makers to choose the best synthetic for the needed properties. These properties can range from absorbency to breathability, so the choice depends on the shoe.


One other aspect which you should try to find in running shoes is flexibility. Usually, the level of flexibility of a shoe is due to a combination of the design and the materials which are used in its construction. Flexible shoes are important for a variety of reasons, but it primarily makes your shoes more comfortable while walking or running.

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Have you ever had shoes that pinched your feet or caused irritation? Most of the time, this is due to a design which does not feature enough flexibility. Inflexible shoes will usually end up being poorly fitting and uncomfortable.

The Product


  • Shoes feature a synthetic and mesh composition for the body
  • Shoes feature a flexible rubber sole
  • ​Shoes feature a cushioned Phylon midsole
  • Shoes feature an articulated midsole which improves flexibility
  • Available in over 60 different colors


The Nike Flex RN 4's are some of the most recognizable running shoes on the market. Nike, the manufacturer of these shoes, is an American company which is one of the most successful makers of sporting goods in the world. These shoes are one of Nike's most successful models of running shoes.

These shoes are designed to be highly flexible so that they are more comfortable than most other competing shoes in the same price range. They are also available in a wide variety of different colors, so you can find the shoes which look best to you.


These shoes are immensely popular for a reason, and they were just as good as we were expecting. They are by far the most flexible running shoes we have seen in this price range,allowing you to walk and run with unmatched freedom. These shoes are immensely comfortable when compared to competing models lacking a similar sole.

Nike Flex Side Review

The phyllite midsole of these shoes also manages to contribute to the comfort aspect. While it may not have the softness of gel padding or the robustness of air padding, it is both lightweight and simple. This simplicity makes it durable, so it will not wear out like gel padding, and it doesn't require the air pockets needed for air padding.

The body is also highly durable while remaining breathable. With some shoes, it seems like you must make a choice between long-term durability and breathability, but this is not the case here.

What Others Say

After going over many customer reviews and testimonials, we have found some additional information about this product. Customers are typically impressed by the comfort of these shoes. Beyond simple running shoes, customers praise these shoes as an excellent choice of day to day shoe thanks to the high degree of comfort.

Nike Flex Black Review

As with most shoes purchased online, most of the complaints were directed towards the sizing of these shoes. Customers complained that these shoes tend to run half a size small, so you may wish to purchase your pair half a size larger. Thankfully, the shoes may be returned if they do not fit properly.

Buyer's Advice

These shoes are immensely popular so they may be found at shoe retailers and sporting goods stores as well as at many online retailers, including but not limited to They are typically priced from about 40 to 60 dollars, but the price can rise much higher for certain rare colorways and sizes.


That concludes our review of the Nike Flex RN 4's, some of the most popular running shoes that Nike sells. They are well worth their reputation, and they are very likely the best choice of running shoe you can find in the mid to low price range. If there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below.


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