The Right Workouts For New Moms

The Right Workouts For New Moms

There are quite a few workouts that are ideal for new mothers. Here are some of them!

Transitioning into a workout plan post birth can be stressful. You may be ready to start, but you might not know which workouts are best for your recovering body.

Beginning Workouts

When you first get back into physical fitness, you want to start off light. Doing too much too quickly can set you back. Your body needs to heal from birth first. Speak to your doctor about when its okay to exercise. Once you get the go ahead, try it out.

To introduce yourself back into exercising, you may want to start off at home before going to the gym or class. You can start in your own home with some good old stretching. Stretching will not only help get rid of post birth tenseness in your body, but it will also prepare you for future workouts. Try purchasing a yoga mat to do stretches on. You can do neck rolls; shoulder squeezes, leg and arm stretch, etc.

Doing Yoga on A Mat With A baby

Another key exercise to introducing your body back into fitness is walking. Walking is the preparation of all preparations. It will help prepare your legs, back, and core while working on your heart and lungs as well. It is most definitely an amazing way to exercise your post pregnancy body.

You may want to pick a scenic root for added relaxation. Maybe take your daily walk by the water or through a recreational park. This will also help relieve any new mommy stress!

If your pelvic floor is weakened post birth, make sure to do some kegels. Contract your pelvic muscles for 3 seconds and then release for 3 seconds. This will help rebuild and strengthen your pelvic floor. It is a quick and convenient exercise to do—you can do it anywhere.

If your pelvic floor is healed, you can move into light ab workouts. You can do mini crunches by lifting your head off of the floor, but not all the way as you would do in a regular crunch. This will engage your ab muscles without straining your pelvic floor.

Light excercise

You can also try the superman exercise. It’s one of the core exercises that helps grow your abs and leg muscles.Take a yoga mat and lie face down flat on your belly with both arms directly in front of you. Then, lift your arms and head while lifting your legs. Hold for a few seconds and then release.

Dancing is the best exercise to lose weight. You may not see dancing around the house as exercise, but it is, and it serves as a great warm up to other exercises.

Dancing is a form of cardio, and it will get your heart pumping and your oxygen flowing. Turn some of your favorite music on and just dance around the house like nobody's watching—enjoy yourself! You can even dance with your precious little one.

Workouts With Your Baby!

For new mothers who can't leave their babies out of their sight, there are some workouts you can do so with your little tot. Most of these are regular exercises that simply incorporate your baby into the picture.

You may want to try a baby bench press. Lie down flat on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat, with your knees bent and hold your baby, tummy down, above your chest. Then lift your baby by straightening your arms out above you. This will work out your arms and chest.

Baby Bench Press Excercise

You can also try a baby curl up. Lie down flat with your knees bent again. Let your baby sit on your pelvis while holding them. Then, come up for a curl up as you would normally do! This is a good way to work out those abs.

You can pretty much do any stationary workout with your babe as long as you hold them securely and in a safe position. This will help you get a light workout in without separating your from your kid. Make sure that your baby is at least three months before starting these workouts!

Workouts with your baby are great because you can ensure that your child is being watched and is safe while you take care of your own body. Also, it helps you lose baby weight at the same time.

Bonding exprience

However, they're also great because they are a bonding experience for you and your kid. Keeping you and your child healthy should be your main motivation to lose weight.. Incorporating your child into your workout routine is a great way to make memories together.


Don’t let your first child stop you from working out! There are a myriad of postpartum exercises you can do after giving birth. If there are any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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