Asics GEL Noosa 10 Women's Running Shoes Review

Asics GEL Noosa 10 Women’s Running Shoes Review

There are a select few products which must be carefully researched and should have a greater amount of thought put into their purchase than others.

This can be due to a wide variety of reasons, but it usually boils down to you have to use them every day. These products can include something like a coffee machine if you are a coffee lover.

If you drink a cup of coffee every morning, it will make sense to invest more money into your coffee machine so that you can shave time off your morning routine and enjoy better coffee.

This is the same for running shoes. If you are an avid runner or you work at a job where you need shoes which provide the optimal comfort without a strict dress code, you will find that running shoes are a crucial investment.

I am sure that we have all experienced the pain of wearing a pair of shoes that don't quite fit right. Especially if you are buying shoes online, it is crucial that you do your research to ensure that you make the right choice.

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There are many more reasons that you should put effort into your research besides sizing. While sizing can have a very large effect on comfort, you can still purchase shoes which are perfectly sized but still highly uncomfortable.

This is where product research and other reviews come into play. These allow you to ensure that you have the best shoes for your needs. Before we get into our review of the GEL Noosa Tri 10's, we will go over some of the best characteristics to look for in the ideal pair of running shoes.

Ankle Support

One of the most important things that go into making a running shoe suited for exercise when compared to other types of shoes is the amount of ankle support it provides. This is especially true for when you are practicing physical activities that will require a lot of jumping or shifting of your center of balance.

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Ankle support ensures that you do not break your ankle in the event of a misstep while you are exercising. While not all running shoes feature a high level of ankle support, most tend to have some degree of support which can mitigate the chance of injuries.


This is one of the characteristics that is highly important in shoes when compared to other products. Keep in mind the fine line between a product which is reliable and a product which is durable. You will always want a reliable product (one which functions properly), but you don't always need a durable product (one which can withstand damage).

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Shoes have to be durable due to their constant exposure to the surrounding environment. Most of us have worn out a pair of shoes to the point that they are not worth wearing anymore. They are one of the only products that many people use until they break, so it helps to have shoes which can withstand the passage of time.

The Product


  • Shoes feature seamless construction for less irritation
  • Shoes feature GEL cushioning on forefoot and rearfoot
  • Shoes feature WET GRIP outsole
  • Shoes feature synthetic construction with rubber sole
  • Shoes feature Duomax technology for added support
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These shoes are manufactured by Asics. Asics is a Japanese company that is known as one of the best makers of running shoes worldwide. These shoes certainly serve as an excellent example of this fact. Features such as the GEL cushioning, the WET GRIP outsole and Duomax technology are all meant to make these shoes some of the most effective and comfortable running shoes you will find available.


We were big fans of the Noosa Tri 10's from the moment we first tried them on. Unlike some other shoes that are made of similar materials, these shoes are high flexible and comfortable. Both running and jogging in these shoes becomes a breeze thanks to this high degree of flexibility in both the body and the sole.

One particularly outstanding feature was the inclusion of WET GRIP technology which can give you a lot more confidence walking on wet and slippery surfaces. While it still has some time to go before making a wet surface feel dry, WET GRIP technology is both currently helpful and ripe for future innovation.

The main feature of these shoes, of course, is the inclusion of GEL padding on both the forefoot and backfoot. This was also our favorite feature of the shoes, as it makes them comfortable regardless of whether you are running or standing for long periods of time.

What Others Say

Customers had quite a bit to say about this product, so we compiled some of the more prevalent commentaries on these shoes. There was a rather large number of customers praising the comfort of these shoes along with their long lifespan as long as they are properly stored and cared for.

The most common criticism we noticed was regarding problems with sizing. The shoes we tested fit us rather well, so we cannot provide insight regarding this matter, but it would help to have your feet measured before making this purchase and checking the sizing chart. This ensures that you know exactly how well these shoes will fit you.

Buying Advice

These shoes can be found in brick and mortar shoe stores but may also be purchased from online retailers like Amazon. Depending on your chosen size, they can retail anywhere from 60 to 200 dollars. They are usually priced around 100 dollars for more common sizes, however.

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The Asics GEL Noosa Tri 10's may have an overly wordy name, but they make up for it in many other areas. As long as you pay close attention to the sizing chart and opt for the size that works best for you, you'll find that these running shoes are an excellent investment for veteran runners as well as those who just want a comfortable shoe.


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