Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger Review

Far too many people look at motherhood as something which will permanently alter their fitness. While it may require a bit more work than it did before, there is no reason to let your physical fitness degrade. There are many activities that you can do as a new mother to ensure that your body stays in shape.

One of the best ways to ensure that you remain in good health while also being able to take out your child is by using a baby jogger. Baby joggers allow you to take your young one outside while also being able to exercise. Of course, baby joggers are not only for new mothers who would like to stay in shape.

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Fathers can also get great use out of a baby stroller if they would like a workout method which allows them to spend time with their child still. Having a baby at home can otherwise negatively affect your workout schedule thanks to the need for babysitters so why not exercise with your baby?

Another one of the best parts about baby joggers is that they can be used as regular strollers as well. Joggers give you great value for money in that they can be used for several applications. It is also convenient that you can find joggers in much the same price ranges as regular strollers.

As you can see, there are many reasons to purchase a baby jogger. From their versatility to the feeling of liberation you get because you can start working out once more, they are an excellent investment for parents of younger children. We will now move on to some of the characteristics you should search for in the best possible baby jogger.


As in any other product, it is integral that you invest in a baby jogger which is reliable. It would be a shame to have to return a jogger because it stopped working within a few days of buying it. This causes you a hassle and may even result in wasted money from postage fees returning the product and having it reshipped.

Saving yourself the trouble of having to deal with customer service and return policies may be worth a few extra dollars on the initial price tag of whatever product you buy, strollers or otherwise.

Comfort And Ride Smoothness

Baby joggers must also feature superior comfort and ride quality than their competition. Some children may not be fans of a baby jogger at first, as would be evidenced by a large amount of crying or a reluctance to get in.

Ride smoothness goes a long way towards making children feel more comfortable about riding in a baby jogger. It also makes the ride more pleasant for children who would otherwise enjoy riding in a baby jogger. In the end, it comes down to ensuring that your child has a comfortable and enjoyable ride in their stroller.

The Product


  • Features an aluminum frame for strong, light construction
  • Features canopy mounted speakers
  • ​Features a swiveling front wheel with manual locking
  • ​Features compatibility with rear facing car seats
  • ​Features a flip open tray with two cup holders
  • Supports children up to 50 pounds
Schwinn Turismo Review


The Schwinn Turismo is a jogging stroller which prizes excellent build quality and comfort above all other aspects. It is no surprise that this is a reliable product, as Schwinn is a company which is known for their reliability.

There are many features which put this stroller a step above the competition. For example, the convenient fold down tray in front of your child will allow them access to food and drink for the duration of the ride. This stroller also features speakers mounted in the canopy so that your child can listen to music during the ride.


We were highly impressed by this baby jogger from the moment we took it out of the package. It left a good impression on us from the start thanks to its ease of setup when compared to other athletic strollers. We also appreciated the inclusion of a highly adjustable bar, which makes this stroller comfortable for most parents, regardless of stature.

This stroller is also rather light for how durable it is. This is due to its aluminum construction, which ensures that this stroller can take a beating without being overly difficult to push around. Another aspect which improves this product's maneuverability is the inclusion of the front mounted swiveling wheel, which is a godsend in confined areas.

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We rather enjoyed the high degree of user accessibility that results from the combination of all of these features and believe that other manufacturers could learn a thing or two from Schwinn.

What Others Say

After looking through many customer reviews and testimonials, we have found some of the more common comments about this model. Parents were highly impressed by the inclusion of the canopy mounted speakers and the ease of attaching them to a portable MP3 player so your child can hear lullabies and even audiobooks.

One of the features which were less well received was the compatibility with rear facing car seats. It seems that most parents got little to no use out of this feature.

Buying Advice

This athletic stroller can be bought from many different stores and retailers, but we would recommend purchasing it from an online retailer such as Amazon thanks to the ease of delivery. You can typically find the Schwinn Turismo available for around 225 dollars, which is less than you would expect for a stroller of such high quality.


We hope that this review has been both helpful and enlightening. The Schwinn Turismo is one of our favorite athletic strollers thanks to its large combination of features coupled with its reasonable price point. If there are any concerns about the product or any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments down below.


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